• 3 Crucial Safe Driving Tips

    Road accidents can be caused by many reasons some avoidable others not like the condition of your vehicle, drunk driving, weather and road conditions, speeding, distractions or fatigue. All these may cause accidents. Keeping these reasons in mind, you need to drive within your skills and experience, vehicle condition, road condition and according to the weather to avoid accidents. The following are safe driving tips to ensure you minimise the likelihood of finding yourself in an accident.
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  • How to choose the right driving school for your child

    That dreaded time has arrived, your child has turned 16 and is desperate to learn to drive. You may feel confident teaching your child yourself, but remember, teenagers are more likely to listen and take instruction from a non-parent! Additionally, driving hours accrued with an instructor are worth more than normal driving hours (instructor hours count as 3 normal hours until 10 instructor hours have been reached). This means reaching the goal faster when aiming to achieve the 120 driving hours required before moving from L to P plates.
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  • Four Ways To Prepare For Your First Driving Lesson

    Whether you've had a few driving lessons with your mum and dad before, or this is your very first time behind the wheel, your first private driving lesson can be a nerve-wracking experience. Here are four ways to prepare for your first professional driving lesson.  1. Memorise basic driving rules.  Although driving instructors will be patient with you and understanding of all driving levels, for your own confidence it is best to memorise some of the basics.
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